General Secretary's Message

Dr Sudha Tandon - General Secretary

Greetings from IAGE !

It is indeed my proud privilege and pleasure to serve as Secretory of IAGE for the year 2024-2025 . I am grateful to all seniors , Colleagues and friends for the same . IAGE is an upcoming and vibrant organisation dedicated to take Gynec Endoscopy to various parts of India.

At the outset , we are all saddened due to the demise of Dr Nargis Motashaw on 27th March 2024. She remains to be a doyen in the field of Gynec Endoscopy and was the founder President of IAGE.

Under the leadership of President Dr Pandit Palaskar and Secretory Dr Kalyan Barmade , the performance of Team IAGE 2023 -2024 was fantastic . It was a successful year in all ways , Many Live operative workshops and scientific events were planned . The bar has been raised for the successive teams to emulate and follow.

The new IAGE team of 2024-2025 got installed at the annual conference at Varanasi on 16th March 2024 . We are very grateful to Dr Neelam Ohri , Organising Chair of the annual event and congratulate her and her team for the success of the programme.

We are proud to have Dr Atul Ganatra, as President IAGE 2024-2025. Though he has a busy practice, the events in entire year have been meticulously planned . He has very wisely focussed on important issues of the organisation, training of Postgraduates, IAGE Website, Eagle project and many focussed events We have a great team and as managing committee members - all are enthusiastic , sincere and committed to Endoscopy and to IAGE.

Being the Secretory of IAGE is a great opportunity to learn and I look forward to the entire year Warm regards and Best Wishes to all