President's Message

Dr. Atul Gantra - President

By getting an opportunity to serve the society We are getting a chance to repay our debt
Narendra Modi

It is with deep grief and sorrow we would like to State that Dr Nurgesh Motashaw our founder IAGE President and a World renowned Gynaecological endoscopist passed away on 27th March 2024 . May her soul rest in peace and may the Almighty give her family the strength to bear the loss

With the blessing of Almighty the good wishes of seniors and friends I have taken over as the President of IAGE on 16th March 2024.
Congratulations to Dr Pandit Palaskar and team IAGE 2023 - 2024 for an excellent year of live surgeries many workshops and conferences.
Many congratulations to the Ohri family of Dr Neelam ,Srikant Namrata & Dr Mr Ohri for an excellent Annual Conference
The Theme of our year is "Endoscopy Surgery - Keep It Safe and Simple"

We have some very simple goals this year

  • Teach Safe Endoscopy
  • To set up a fully functional IAGE Office
  • To clear all the pending paper work at the IAGE office and the Charity Commissioner's office and set it up in the Auto mode
  • TOP - Training Of Postgraduate students
  • Set up a formal training for students at the IAGE office and state chapters with hands on pelvi trainers and simulation models
  • Informative Webinars

We would like to thank Dr Krishna Kumar , Dr Sailesh Puntambekar for spear heading the Cadaver course and the CSEEMIG courses & Dr Ashwath Kumar and Dr Subash Mallya for the EAGLE project It is only 2 weeks since we have taken over and our Website team led by Dr Sudha Tandon , Dr Mala Raj and Dr Hrishikesh Pandit are doing a wonderful job The IT team Led by Dr Sujal , Dr Soumil & Dr Priya have taken up their assignment very Seriously Thank You Team IAGE for all your support