CPS Wadia Mumbai

Under the vision and guidance of IAGE President Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, IAGE General Secretary Dr Bhaskar Pal, President CPS Dr Girish Maindarkar and Registrar CPS Dr Rajesh Darade, IAGE's biggest EAGLE project landed at College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS), Mumbai on 21st and 22nd December 2019. The concept to get 300 CPS students under one roof for a training workshop was conceived by Dr Rajesh Darade, and executed with help from Wadia hospital Dean Dr M Jassawala, Dr Animesh Gandhi and Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar.

The whole program was relayed to 300 students in the CPS hall and also live webcast to 9 states and 1 UT (Maharashtra,Gujrat,Chattishgadh,Rajasthan,Odisha,Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Dadra and Nagarhaveli) viewed by 210+ students. With a total of 510+ delegates, this was a Mega EAGLE project.

21st December was the live surgery workshop demonstrated by Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, Dr Rajesh Darade, Dr Pranay Shah, Dr Animesh Gandhi, Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar and Dr Vijay Satale. 6 cases were performed - 3 Diagnostic Hysteroscopies and 3 Diagnostic Hysterolaparoscopies.

A big thanks to Dean Wadia hospital, Dr M Jassawala, anaesthesia team, staff of Wadia hospital and Dr Animesh Gandhi for organising the workshop. There was active interaction from the audience and was well moderated by Dr Kajal Parikh and Dr Shweta Shewale.

The programme was well supported by Johnson and Johnson (Mrs Aditi and Mr Rahul). The audiovisual was well managed by Mr Ajit Jete and team and E learning team of CPS.

Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar gave an oration on E=mc2 which was appreciated by the audience with a standing ovation.

The 2nd day was started with welcome by Dr Rajesh Darade.

The students were divided into 2 groups - one for the lectures and the other for pelvitrainer sessions and then interchanged.

Dr S Krishnakumar and Dr Hemant Kanojia enlightened the students with anatomy and physiology of hysteroscopy. Dr Pranay Shah and Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar gave an insight on Basics of Laparoscopy. Then Dr Rajesh Darade and Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar spoke on Advances in Laparoscopy. A lecture on science of tissue management was conducted by JnJ.

The pelvitrainers session on basic and advanced laparoscopy skills with suturing techniques was conducted by Dr Rajesh Darade, Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar, Dr Samir pradhan, Dr Vijay Satale, Dr Kajal Parikh and Dr Ashwini Kalyankar. A special mention to Dr Samir Pradhan for extempore teaching the student on all the nuances of endoscopy. JnJ had made exquisite arrangements with 5 practice stations.

All in all, the program and Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar's vision and Dr Rajesh Darade's execution of this workshop for sowing laparoscopy seeds into the postgraduate curriculum was well appreciated by the students.

21st and 22nd December 2019